Raw Data Import

Use externally generated or measured and recorded raw data for model stimulation, conditions, evaluations, or all of the above.

Key Benefits

  • Use simulated/recorded data for testing
  • Import and export
Raw data schematic image

Working with Raw Signals

Arttest allows you to import signals from several file formats. These raw signals can serve multiple purposes: You can either use them to define a test case, to evaluate them or to evaluate against them.

Raw signals are stored in Arttest in a specific format. You can use them in your test scenarios by referencing the file and signal name or even generate new test cases from the signals. Arttest then translates the raw data into the Test Specification Langauge which allows you to adapt, alter or extend them later on.

Use Cases

  • Import stimuli defined in CSV/Excel/Matlab to be (re-)used in new test case definitions
  • Import reference data to evaluate signals captured during test execution against
  • Import data from test drives to evaluate them against your criteria
  • Analyse data from prototypes against reference data.

Import raw data from .csv and reference in test case

Assertions over Raw Data

Raw Data import is often used in combination with Assertions. This is very useful to evaluate certain criteria on larger amounts of recorded data, e.g., whether a the sum of two values never exceeds a threshold or whether a certain reaction has always been observed within its time tolerances. Any MATLAB expression can be used as Assertion.

More information about assertions.