Coverage Measurement

Coverage metrics measure data based on the softwares structure during execution. For instance, statement coverage measures how many of all statements were executed during one or mutliple executions. Widely known and applied coverage metrics are decision coverage (DC), condition coverage (CC) and modified condition decision coverage (MCDC). These and others can be measured when testing models using Mathworks' V&V or Simulink Coverage toolbox.

Key Benefits

  • Coverage metrics from Simulink Coverage/V&V toolbox
  • Full integration of coverage data into test results and reports
  • Coverage reasoning to explain coverage results
Branches inside a Simulink Model

Performing tests with Arttest, you can easily enable and integrate the Simulink Coverage (or V&V toolbox) measurements into Arttests test result. Therefore select the coverage metrics to apply before test executions either in the project configuration or the test execution wizard. After test execution, the coverage report is automatically integrated into the Arttest test result and generated reports.

There are cases for which the coverage goals selected by project management cannot be met. For instance, if the model contains decisions which are not executed due to constant input a decision coverage of 100% can be reached. However, it might not be suitable to remove the unreachable decisions from the model, e.g. because they originate from library blocks, are required for other versions etc. To cope with these situations, Arttest enables you to add a coverage reasoning to the test result and generated reports to explain in detail why certain coverage goals were or were not met.