Arttest is a fast, user-friendly and powerful tool for functional testing of MATLAB®/Simulink® models as recommended by ISO 26262 and other IEC 61508 derivatives.

Fast, Easy and Powerful Model Testing

Arttest's high level of automation enables developers and testers of functional models to rapidly specify and execute tests in all development stages on the model and software level. With it's automated model analysis, intuitive test specification, live signal plot, and powerful evaluation functions, testing and verifying your MATLAB®/Simulink® models has never been faster or easier.

Arttest fully automates the tedious preparation and configuration steps of testing. The model and its interface are analyzed automatically and the entire model testbed and test harness are generated with the click of a single button.

The user can focus on his key task: specifying and evaluating tests. Arttest's domain-specific test language reflects the elements of semi-formal textual specifications that are widely used in the automotive industry and other domains. This close relationship reduces errors during the formal test specification process significantly, makes requirement tracing simpler, and allows the customization to the user's specific demands.

Arttest automatically generates the test data, reference signals, etc. from the specification, stimulates the model, and captures and evaluates the recorded data. The final test report can be exported in a wide variety of file formats, easily shared, and archived.

The ISO 26262 standard explicitly recommends requirements-based testing of software-driven systems across all Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs). The amount of components which are developed in a model-based process increases steadily, leading to an increasing demand of early-stage model-in-the-loop (MIL) testing. The advantages are manifold: Significantly reduced bug-fixing costs, more efficient processes and the opportunity to locate errors right where they have been introduced are just some of the many benefits of using Arttest in development and testing.