Monitore and Override Internal Signals

Internal signals refers are those which are inside a system and thus not part of the interface available to the outside of the system. Examples are signals connecting plant and controller in a closed-loop model or any other model elements at any hierarchy. To be more precise, an internal signal can be any signal of the entire model.

Model with internal signals


Arttest enables you to create tests which make use of these internal signals without need for manual model adaptions. To use internal signals within a test, select the signal from the model in Arttest, chose a name for the signal and start using it inside your test. Internal signals can be evaluated, monitored or overridden enabling a variety of tests which would otherwise not be possible as early as on model level.

Some Use Cases

  • Monitoring internal signals allows you to react to conditions or events based on the behaviour of arbitrary signals in the model
  • overriding internal signals enables fault-injection test
  • using internal signals allows you to select very specific interfaces to test against, e.g. to perform closed-loop and integration tests


Handling internal signals for evaluation or overriding them is very similar to using the interface signals of the model

Workflow for Evaluation and Manipulation of Internal Signals