Data Import

To work efficiently on complex development projects using toolchains of software from different vendors and distributed teams, easy data exchange between tools is required. Hence, Arttest supports the import of data from multiple widely used sources formats to allow simple toolchain integration and data exchange to empower your use cases.

Besides the possibility to import/export Arttest projects for the exchange between teams, suppliers and archives, there are multiple supported signal formats to import signal data for usage within tests.


  • CSV
  • Excel
  • Matlab (*.mat)
  • MDF4
Import data

Using Imported Data

After signal data import from an external source, tests in Arttest can refer to the imported data. Thus, imported data can be used as test stimuli, for evaluation purpose, or compared against signals generated by Arttest, your models or tests.

Particularly the Raw Data Import covers a variety of frequent use cases, such as:

  • Import stimuli defined in CSV/Excel/Matlab to be (re-)used in new test case definitions
  • Import reference data to evaluate signals captured during test execution against
  • Import data from test drives to evaluate them against your criteria
  • Analyse data from prototypes against reference data.