Model-in-the-Loop Testing

Model in the loop tests are test which can be performed very early in a model-based development process.

To perform a model in the loop test, only non-physical ressources such as the model to test, software requirements and a simulation environment such as MATLAB/Simulink are required. Thus, model in the loop tests can already be performed before any software is generated or hardware is available to tests the software for intended behaviour. Due to early test execution and failure detection, costs can be significantly reduced and quality improved.

Open-Loop Model

Key Features

With Arttest, Mindmotiv provides a powerful testing environment supporting efficient and easy model in the loop testing for MATLAB/Simulink models. The key features supporting the complete test process cover

  • The test creation is based on a textual test specification which is humanly readable and easy to understand, combined with tool support, including a live preview of specified signal values, auto completion and syntax highlighting, compatibility with popular versioning systems such as GIT or SVN.
  • Automated test harness generation relieving the tester from any task related to the availability of specified signal values during model simulation
  • Automated test execution and evaluation data exchange, simulation platform control and test evaluation based on the specification is completly automated by Arttest and thus, does not require any manual effort to be performed
  • Final report generation to complete the test process and exchange or archivate test results in HTML or PDF format

Use Arttest MIL functionalities for:

  • Open loop tests
  • Closed loop tests
  • Integration tests
  • Robustness tests
  • Faul injection tests
  • Blackbox tests
  • Whitebox tests
  • Requirements based testing
  • Unit tests on model level