Cloud-Based Testing Solutions

Nearly all of today's innovations in the automotive domain are software driven: ADAS, engine controllers, infotainment systems, algorithms and models for autonomous driving, etc.

By that, also the amount of assets that a company has in software or software models grows which leads to both an increasing relevance and complexity of QA measures for these assets. The diversity of tools being required along the chain of development steps from the requirement to the finished product more and more becomes a serious issue and significant source of expenses. This particularly holds for QA activities. One reason is that tools are often not or not sufficiently integrated into each other. Another is the exchange of artifacts and data between an enterprise and its service suppliers as well as between different sites. QA and Testing are still often understood as secondary activities that gains little attention albeit being inevitable to produce top quality products.

QA Processes are globally distributed and depend on various tools

QA Processes Are Globally Distributed and Depend on Various Tools

Lift Testing to the Next Level. Lift it to the Cloud.

Let us help you bringing your testing activities up to date with cloud-based solutions and one of the most advanced and flexible signal processing and evaluation techniques.

  • We offer solutions to connect tools to a cloud infrastructure tailored to the need of your application and your level of privacy and security.
  • The automation of communication and data-exchange processes is on of our major strengths.
  • Our technologies are based on micro-service architectures and Message Queue Protocols.
  • We have years of experience with the integration of tools into each other and the conversion and harmonization of data, be it in the context of MIL, SIL, HIL, prototyping or test drives.
  • Technologies or even entire modules of Arttest, our cutting-edge testing tool, can be individually integrated and used anywhere in the process, be it for signal calculation, evaluation or to generate test reports.
Connect the

The Mindmotiv QA Cloud Architecture Allows to Connect a Great Variety of Components and Processes With Each Other

Are the measures and activities in your QA processes still connected by manual steps or custom scripts? Are data still exchanged via e-mail or shared folders? We develop the necessary infrastructure between your development and QA departments as well as to suppliers and contractors to establish a clean and smooth process infrastructure. We make use of the most recent cryptography and authentication techniques to guarantee a secure yet convenient user experience.

The Mindmotiv QA Cloud Architecture Allows to Connect Manifold Components and Processes With Each Other

The Mindmotiv QA Cloud Architecture Allows to Connect Manifold Components and Processes With Each Other

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