You can use calibratables to parameterize your test case and execute it with multiple calibrations. Within the test scenario, a calibratable can be used like a normal value.

Therefore, collections of similar test cases that only vary in their valuations, can be avoided and subsumed in one file. A dedicated signal preview is automatically displayed for every calibration.

With Arttest, it is easily possible to schedule the execution of multiple calibrations of one or even several test cases in a row, each in a freshly initialized model.


Init Files

Init Files allow the user to define and initialize each calibration, i.e., the set of parameters, once in a central file even if they are used across multiple test scenarios. Using several Init Files within a project provides even more flexibility in test configuration.

Summarized, the combination of Calibratables and Init Files allows to provide exhaustive testing of parameterizations with minimal effort and optimal reusability.