Integration Tests

Almost every non-trivial software is composed of different modules or components, each contributing a specific sub-functionality. Testing every module, e.g. by unit tests, is a necessary task to ensure functionality and compliance with safety regulations if applicable. However, testing each component separately is not sufficient, due to potential side effects or faulty composition of multiple modules. Thus, for many applications integration tests are highly recommended, e.g., by safety standards such as ISO 26262 or other IEC 61508 derivatives.

System integrated in embedding system

In order to keep costs low, integration tests should be performed as early as possible. Arttest supports integration tests already on the model level. Simply choose the signals of your integrated model (open or closed-loop) to be used for testing. You may specify input data to override the signals, check for event occurrences, perform evaluations or any combination of these using Arttest's powerful signal description language.