Black-Box Testing

Blackbox testing refers to tests of systems limited to the observation of input-output behaviour. The system itself is considered to be a blackbox with a number of inputs and outputs, whose interna are unknown to the tester.

Key Benefits

  • Neutral, unbiased view on the system
  • Model interface is directly available in Arttest
Black-Box Model

To perform a blackbox test on a software model, you need the model and its simulation environment, input data for inputs, a mechanism to record the blackbox outputs and an evaluation mechanism to determine whether produced outputs are as expected. Using Arttes, you can concentrate on test semantics, the specification of input data and expected output, instead of wasting effort on creation of a complex toolchains to execute your tests. Arttest analyzes the model (blackbox) under test and leaves only the specification of input data and expected output data to the tester.

If input data or expected behaviour is based on recorded signals, you can use this data instead or with manual specifications.