Arttest is a fast, user-friendly and powerful tool for functional testing of MATLAB®/Simulink® models as recommended by ISO 26262 and other IEC 61508 derivatives.

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Fast, Easy and Powerful Model Testing

Arttest combines unparalleled workflow automation and powerful functionalities for the testing of MATLAB®/Simulink® models in an uncluttered, user-friendly interface.

Arttest's high level of automation enables developers and testers of functional models to rapidly specify and execute tests in all development stages on the model and software level. With it's automated model analysis, intuitive test specification, live signal plot, and powerful evaluation functions, testing and verifying your MATLAB®/Simulink® models has never been faster or easier.

Arttest fully automates the tedious preparation and configuration steps of testing. The model and its interface are analyzed automatically and the entire model testbed and test harness are generated with the click of a single button.

The user can focus on his key task: specifying and evaluating tests. Arttest's domain-specific test language reflects the elements of semi-formal textual specifications that are widely used in the automotive industry and other domains. This close relationship reduces errors during the formal test specification process significantly, makes requirement tracing simpler, and allows the customization to the user's specific demands.

Arttest automatically generates the test data, reference signals, etc. from the specification, stimulates the model, and captures and evaluates the recorded data. The final test report can be exported in a wide variety of file formats, easily shared, and archived.

The ISO 26262 standard explicitly recommends requirements-based testing of software-driven systems across all Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASILs). The amount of components which are developed in a model-based process increases steadily, leading to an increasing demand of early-stage model-in-the-loop (MIL) testing. The advantages are manifold: Significantly reduced bug-fixing costs, more efficient processes and the opportunity to locate errors right where they have been introduced are just some of the many benefits of using Arttest in development and testing.

Fully Automated, Powerful Features, Easy to Use

  • Live Signal Plot
    • Live preview of test and reference signals as you type
    • Freely group and zoom signals in all plots
    • Intelligent auto-grouping based on value ranges
    • Adjust colors, apply markers and export images easily
  • Automated Model Analysis and Preparation
    • Fully automated analysis of inputs and outputs
    • Access all signals by their original identifier or define aliases
    • Fully automated test harness generation
    • No manual adaptations necessary
  • Intuitive, Assisted Test Specification
    • Test specification based on natural language
    • Simple to read, adapt, and reuse
    • Intrinsic and explicit links to requirements
    • Syntax coloring, content assist and auto-formatting
    • Easily customizable to your process and demands
  • One-Click Test Execution
    • Scheduled test execution
    • Batch execution of multiple tests
  • Powerful Evaluation Methods
    • Fully automated evaluation and report generation
    • Capture simulation outputs, internal signals, measured and imported raw data
    • Evaluate against reference signals or live or recorded reference raw data
    • Define tolerances that vary over time or even conditionally
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Flexible and Easy Workflow and Process Integration

Through years of experience in practical use at large industry partners on a global scale, Arttest provides a wide variety of functionalities that make process integration a breeze.

No legacy dependencies, no process gaps.

Multi-Calibration Support

Define any number of calibrations for a test specification and use the same calibrations accross multiple tests.

Software-in-the-Loop &
Back-to-Back Testing

Execute all test cases in model-in-the-loop (MIL) or software-in-the-loop (SIL) mode. Automatically compare results from MIL and SIL with Arttest's back-to-back feature.


Arttest can be tethered to a variety of HIL testbenches to allow for a smooth integration of MIL, SIL and HIL testing. The bandwith reaches from enterprise products such as the dSPACE SCALEXIO platform to low-cost custom HIL solutions, e.g., based on Beckhoff terminals.

Raw Data Integration

Use externally generated or measured and recorded raw data for model stimulation, conditions, evaluations, or all of the above.

Universal Export Functions

Export every artifact of the test specification or evaluation in several file formats for easy integration with third-party tools.

Capture and Override internal Signals

Perform closed-loop tests, robustness tests, and fault injection tests quickly and easily.
No manual alteration or disassembly of the model required!

Clean Project Structure

Easily handle all your test cases, results, and artifacts in the intergrated project manager.

Platform Independent

Runs on all current Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux operating systems.

Effective Closed-Loop Testing

Arttest is the only tool for effective closed-loop testing of model subsystems. Arttest analyzes the entire model and lets you define the model under test (MUT).
The remainder becomes the plant model. All with the click of a button.

Simulate the System in Place

Arttest simulates the entire model, including MUT and plant. There is no need to remove the MUT from its context to provide stimuli and capture outputs, preserving information about data types etc. Closed-loop testing has never been easier, safer or more comprehensive.

Manipulate Signals Within the Closed-Loop

Test cases can record, define and even override the input and output signals of the MUT, all while seamlessly integrating the residual behaviour of the plant model.

Arttest Academy

Arttest is easy to use and quick to deploy. Learn how to utilize all of Arttest's many functionalities and how to best integrate Arttest into your daily workflow, directly from our experts.

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Open Workshops – Topics & Dates

Are you interested in learning about how to develop software components in the context of ISO 26262? Then participate in one of our workshops.

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Testing, Consulting and Development Services

We provide our clients with bespoke solutions to particular challenges and assist in the testing, development, and integration of MATLAB®/Simulink® models.

  • Testing and Validation Services

    We assist our clients in the development of safety-critical systems through ISO 26262 or other IEC 61508 compliant testing and validation services. Do you need testing capabilities on short notice or are looking to outsource your testing process? Let our experts handle it for you.

  • Embedded Software Design & Development

    We design and implement bespoke controller software, customized signal viewers, converters, monitoring software, or adapters tailored to your requirements and processes in a wide variety of environments, including

    • Model-based and generative software development
    • Diverse microcontrollers and ECUs
    • C / C++ / C# / Python development
    • real-time applications / OSEK
    • Drivers
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    • Eclipse-based IDEs & Plug-Ins
    • Specification reviews and workshops
    • Software and system validation
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    We provide a wide range of MATLAB®/Simulink®-related services to help our customers deliver to specification, on budget, and on time. We advise and deliver on tasks like

    • System design
    • Modeling
    • Custom block/script creation & configuration
    • MATLAB® API programming
    • S-functions, TLC and code generation
  • Hardwaretesting
  • Software development
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About Mindmotiv

Mindmotiv GmbH is a high-tech B2B software provider from Aachen, Germany. We specialize in cutting-edge solutions for efficient model-based embedded software development and testing. Our customers and clients are OEMs of the automotive, aerospace, and industrial automation domains and their suppliers who want to fully leverage the manifold advantages of model-based embedded development and testing.

Our Vision

Safe and reliable embedded systems through highly-automated and intuitive development and testing tools.

Our Mission

To provide embedded systems experts with the tooling, knowledge and support to make embedded development and testing easier, faster and more comprehensive. To enable high tech companies across all domains to design and deliver complex products and smart devices to customers on time, on budget, and on target.

Our History

Mindmotiv was founded as a spin-off from the chair of Embedded Software at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. We're working with customers and partners in various industries to develop new and better solutions for the testing of embedded software.

In late 2017, the four founders were awarded the prestigious “EXIST Transfer of Research“ grant by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for their model testing tool Arttest, in recognition of the technological leap it represents for embedded software quality assurance.

In 2019, we further received the “RWTH Spin-off award” from RWTH Aachen University.


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