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Introducing Arttest…

Are you tired of overloaded, yet unflexible, configuration-intensive QA toolchains that still do not meet the needs of your development process?

Experience a fast, user-friendly and powerful tool for functional testing of Model-based Embedded Software.

Testing in the Context of ISO 26262 / ISO 61508 Made Easy

Arttest supports most of the use cases and workflows recommended by IEC 61508 and its derivatives, such as ISO 26262.


11 January 2023

Today, we celebrate our 4th birthday! Many thanks to our customers, colleagues and partners who helped to build and shape Mindmotiv. We’re looking forward to work with you in the years to come!

02 January 2023

We are looking forward to interesting new challenges, opportunities and cooperations and wish you all the best for 2023. #2023

20 December 2022

Mindmotiv wishes a Merry Christmas to all our Customers, Business Partners, Supporters, Friends, Followers, their families and beloved ones.

All companies face the challenge of optimizing their processes to move towards carbon neutrality. In the past, this goal could only be achieved to a very limited degree. With Mindmotiv CEE, the development and test […]

With the start of a new project, a large number of pipelines need to be set up to automate recurring, project-specific tasks. In the past, these pipelines would regularly end up being so project-specific and […]

The automotive development process is characterized by an almost unmanageable number of frequently changing requirements. At the same time, it is necessary to orchestrate and coordinate diverse teams at different locations and a plethora of […]

Are You Using Cloud Technologies yet?

Cloud technologies have the potential to offer a new level of opportunities and flexibility in all areas of Embedded Software development, prototyping, calibration and testing. Inter-connect and fully utilize your testbench capabilities, smoothly co-laborate between different stages of QA activities, evaluate data collected during test drives, and much, much more…